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  • Definition: Domain Name (A.K.A website address; web address, website name; or URL)
    Your domain is the name customers type in their internet browser to pull up your website.For example, the domain name for eBay is ( or for short)
  • For your own benefit, SaviSites decided to keep the purchasing of your domain name separate from your website purchase with us. This allows you to be the registered owner of your domain, not SaviSites. Plus, it makes the domain easily
Do you already own a domain?

* If you haven't decided on a website name, you can place your order today in order to start the 3-5 day development cycle to build your website.

Since we don't require your domain details until the last day, in this situation the popular option is to place the order and leave the domain fields blank.

Then use the 3-5 days to find a name you like.